Rampant Child Abuse in France

rampant child abuse in France

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We all know what is happening in the world today. In fact, I don’t think there has been a day when fear for our lives isn’t shoved down our throats by those sworn to protect us. But it has taken a whole new level in France. There is rampant child abuse in France. It is caused by the leaders. And it is enforced by the Education Nationale.

I’m talking about masks.

France began requiring masks on children as young as 11 years old last year after the first confinement. When middle school and high school aged children returned to school in May, they were required to wear masks. From 8 am until 5pm, many children were slowly suffocating under the benevolent eye of their teachers.

And no one said a word.

Then France made masks mandatory in all enclosed places for everyone over 11 years old. Shortly after, even the outdoors was no longer a safe place to breathe once you hit puberty.

But the insanity doesn’t stop there. Against all logic and contrary to mounting evidence, France began its new school year in September 2020, requiring masks on children from the age of 6. Once again, with the exception of a few dissenting voices, there was silence.

Now, taking your children out of school to homeschool them is no longer a guarantee for their safety. The yearly inspection is traditionally held in the place of study (i.e. the home). It is stipulated in the law and makes logical sense to verify instruction in the place it is held. Like teachers who are inspected in the classroom.

However, France is doubling down in its rampant child abuse by requiring inspections to take place in schools. This forces even those trying to escape abuse to confront their abusers outside the home. With the threat that if they do not submit to this abuse, they will be required to suffer that same abuse daily in a school.

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No legal recourse

And this is continuing without restraint. Réaction19 (a group of lawyers trying to use legal means to stop the hostile takeover of France by a select minority) officially filed a complaint with the Ministère Public (the authority charged with defending the interests of society and of the application of law). This complaint was filed in November 2020. By law, the Ministère Public must respond to any and all complaints within 3 months.

It is now April 2021. No word. Utter silence once again from those sworn to protect us.

The rampant child abuse is in every school, every bus, every train. And now with masks being made mandatory outdoors, rampant child abuse is now taking place on our streets, in our parks, and on our beaches.

Not only do the police turn a blind eye to this child abuse. But they are actually enforcing it.

Can you imagine?

We’ve all studied history. We know of the abuses that can take place when there is a regime change. And this looks familiar. Every time entire groups of people have been tortured. Sometimes it was the Jews like in Germany. Sometimes it was the intellectuals like in China. In France, it is the children.

Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so.

The number of children who commit suicide is higher than ever. We see 25 suicides per day in our young right now. To the point that even Macron was forced to acknowledge the growing depression in youths. He’s offering 10 free sessions with a psychologist for all children ages 3-17 years old. Paid for by the state (i.e. taxpayers).

Are they serious? We are back to the “let them eat cake” attitude of the former monarchy. A group of people so removed from reality, they can’t see (or don’t want to see) the truth.

We are forced to acknowledge two things: either they are incompetent or they are evil. I think we can all agree that it is the latter. With all the studies* available showing the harm masks have not only on adults but also on children, there is no way anyone in those positions can plead ignorance. It is voluntary. They planned this. It is wanted.

Make no mistake, there is no benevolence in French government. Not when children are their targeted victims.

*List (non-exhaustive) of studies and articles on masks:

Face Masks Reduce the Ability to Read Emotions

Adverse Effects of Prolonged Mask Use among Healthcare Professionals during Covid-19

Masks, False Safety and Real Dangers – Part 1

Masks, False Safety and Real Dangers – Part 3


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