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God’s Discipline, His Grace

The is the 2nd post in a 3-part series about God's grace. You should read the first, Our Failure, God's Grace before continuing with this one about God's Discipline. In Our Failures, God’s Grace, I showed how wonderful it is that no matter how much we may fail, God has given us His grace so that we need never worry. However, as wonderful as God’s gift of grace is, we must never think that we can get away with anything we want and life will be perfect. As mothers, we know that discipline is a necessary tool in guiding our...Read More

Our Failure, God’s Grace

We are all failures. Ever since Adam and Eve, when sin entered the world, no one has ever escaped failure. Sure, we may have succeeded at some things, eventually. But our failure is unavoidable. This should make me anxious or afraid or sad. But it doesn't. And you know why? Because of God's grace. No matter where we have failed, we know that we are forgiven and that we can start and try again. We know this because it is THE reason Jesus came down and died for us. We have all experienced the ultimate failure, the failure to be...Read More

4 Ways to Fulfill Mother Culture

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. While purchasing from any of these links will not increase the price you pay, I do receive a small commission. For more information, please visit my Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy pages. Should we as homeschool mamas expect our children to be learning when we aren’t? Is it proper to demand that they read and learn if they don’t know what that looks like? Mother Culture is a term used in Charlotte Mason circles to describe the intentional growth and education of the mother, specifically as it relates to reading. And even though...Read More

A New Year, Your Best Year 2019 Conference

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. While purchasing from any of these links will not increase the price you pay, I do receive a small commission. Boy, this year is really ending in a frenzy! Between our homeschool inspection the week before Christmas and all the birthdays in our family, I am overwhelmed. There are so many wonderful things happening between now and the new year that I just can't seem to keep up! Luckily, one of those things will help me get focused right off the bat. It's the 2019 Conference A New Year, Your Best Year. This conference is...Read More

Back to the Classics Challenge 2019

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Though the price for you does not change, I may receive a small compensation.  I've always been a reader. And I do enjoy reading the classics from time to time. But, the list of classics I'd like to read never seems to get any shorter. I get caught up in the new books, the fun books, the necessary books for school and never get around to reading from my classics list. That is why this year, I am joining a Classics reading challenge. Karen from Books and Chocolate has been hosting this challenge...Read More